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CHAMONIX Top 5 things to do

Vallee Blanche

Experience the thrill of Chamonix's most famous off piste run the Vallee Blanche. Hire a guide to take you down the up to 5 hour 22 kilometer long powder covered glacier starting at the top of the Aiguille du Midi Cable Car and set amongst the most breathtaking mountain scenery in the world. Once on the glacier you could be the only person on earth, with mountains, snow and blue sky as far as the eye can see . Follow your guide through powder snow past gaping crevasses stopping only for photos and refreshments. The Vallee Blance is definitely a 'once in a lifetime' experience.

Restaurant Atmosphere

One of Chamonix's most popular restaurants is Restaurant Atmosphere serving local Savoyard cuisine. The highest quality fresh ingredients are perfectly cooked immaculately presented and whether you have a steak, lobster or roast duck it will all melt in your mouth. The restaurant has a large wine list featuring over 300 wines and champagnes. Dessert is sensational; it will take you to another level. Chose from sweet gratins, chocolate cake, tarts, profiteroles or French cheese. Restaurant Atmosphere is just off the main street on the river facing Mt Blanc - don't miss this one.


Visit the many patisseries in the Chamonix Main Street for delectable sweet and savoury treats. Sample a strawberry flan, in the morning a chocolate eclair in the afternoon and a mushroom quiche in evening. If you need a baguette and your apartment is more than a 5 minute walk from the patisserie buy 2 as you just can't stop yourself devouring the warm crunchy on the outside while still soft on the inside baguette on the way home.

Point de Vue

Explore one of the Chamonix Valley's many glaciers in the Argentiere / Grand Montes terrain. The astonishing off piste Point de Vue run starts at the top of the Grands Montes Cable Car above Argentiere. While the first 100 meters is very steep the terrain flattens out to intermediate level quite quickly. Take your time going down as there are crevasses and ice obstacles littered along the glacier. On a sunny day the snow and ice shine a beautiful pale blue colour. The Point du Vue has piste markers leading down to Argentiere so on a sunny day it can be negotiated quite easily. Don't attempt it without a guide on a snow day as not only the markers will be hidden from view so will the crevasses.

Shopping, Bars, Cafes

A day off the slopes certainly isn't a rest day with all the shops that Chamonix has to offer. The main street is home to leading sports stores, top fashion boutiques, children's boutiques, photography galleries, souvenir and gift shops, shoe shops, book stores, optometrists, beauticians, patisseries, butchers, cheese shops and small supermarkets. With plently of great bars and cafes to take a break in.


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