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Queenstown Top 10 Activities

1. Queenstown HELI SKIING

Southern Lakes Heliski operates out of Queenstown flying into the Southern Lakes Mountains in search of deep powder. They have access to 5,550 square kilometres of terrain with snow riders disembarking the helicopter at 2,200 meters above sea level.

Southern Lakes Heliski offer 4 different skiing and snowboarding helicopter packages:-

A one day introductory package for first time intermediate level and above skiers and snowboarders for $729 per person for 2 runs.

A one day package for strong intermediate skiers and snowboarders for $838 per person for 4 runs.

An advanced one day package for expert skiers and snowboarders with previous helicopter experience for $989 per person for 6 runs.

An ultimate day package for extreme skiers and snowboarders with comprehensive mountain experience for $1099 per person for 8 runs.

Price includes pick up and return shuttle bus and a buffet lunch on the mountain. Wide powder skis are available for rent on the day. Book a few days in advance as flights are weather dependent.


Experience the thrill of travelling at breakneck speed on inches of water down the Shotover River with Shotover Jet Boating. The distinct red boats are one of Queenstown's most popular attractions with passengers' adrenaline rising each second as boats whip through the winding canyons at 85 kilometres per hour bouncing around with only a few seconds notice before the boat performs 360 degree turns. Just hold on tight!

Shotover Jet Boating costs $119 per adult and $69 per child. Life jackets are provided and complementary shuttle buses run to and from Queenstown to the Shotover base every 15 minutes.

3. Queenstown BUNGY JUMPING

AJ Hackett Bungy put Queenstown on the world tourist map in 1988 with New Zealand's first bungy jump. The 43 meter Kawarau Bridge Bungy still has thousands of jumpers every month. Jumpers can bungy solo or tandem and have the choice of touching the water below or being dunked. Screaming is optional! The cost is $180 per person including a free T shirt.

The Nevis Swing is the latest craze from AJ Hacket Bungy - it is the world's biggest swing positioned 160 meters above the Nevis Canyon. Swingers can go solo or in tandem and swing through the canyon at 150 kilometres per hour in a 300 meter arc. The cost is $180 per adult.

The latest craze from AJ Hacket Bungy is Ledge Bungy. A platform sits at the top of the Skyline Gondola 400 meters above Queenstown where jumpers are encouraged to throw themselves off the ledge at running pace. It is open in the evenings and costs $180 per adult including a free T shirt.


Independent Mountain Guides offer backcountry skiing and snowboarding adventures in Queenstown. Snowriders spend the day exploring remote untouched backcountry terrain accessible only by 4WD, cable car or chairlift. After the guides locate suitable terrain depending on weather, snow and ability levels a hike is usually required to access a remote and exhilarating powder run.

Skis, skins and bindings are provided for skiers whilst snowboarders are equipped with snow shoes and poles. All snowriders are properly fitted with avalanche gear. The cost of the day is $400 per adult with tours beginning at 7.30am.

Independent Mountain Guides also offer snow shoeing day trips, avalanche training sessions and weekend mountain craft/climbing courses.


Absorb the breathtaking scenery from 15,000 feet above sea level while testing your limits with one adventure you will never forget - tandem skydiving! The instructors at Skydive Paradise have over 30 years experience between them. Take a 15 minute scenic flight to 15,000 feet before freefalling for 65 seconds at 200 kilometres per hour then float back down to earth for another 7 minutes. What an adrenaline rush!

Skydive Paradise is located in Glenorchy 45 minutes from Queenstown. The cost for a 15,000 feet drop is $399 per adult. This includes return shuttle bus transport to Queenstown, clothing and refreshments. Photographs and DVDs are available for purchase on the day.


For an unforgettable adventure take a Best Of The Lord Of The Rings tour with Heliworks Queenstown. The 3½ hour tour includes 3 separate landing spots travelling from Queenstown over the Remarkables to the infamous Middle Earth, Isengard, Misty Mountains and Ford of Bruinen. The scenery is breathtakingly stunning. The Heliworks Queenstown pilots know the area intimately as they flew Peter Jackson and The Lord Of The Rings cinematographers during the filming of The Lord Of The Rings Trilogies.

The cost of a Best Of The Lord Of The Rings Tour is $1800 per adult. Heliworks Queenstown Helicopters operates many scenic flights out of Queenstown running from 20 minutes to 3½ hours. Prices start as low as $205 per adult for a 20 minute flight around The Remarkables.


Skyline Queenstown sits 450 meters above Queenstown easily accessible by gondola. The Skyline complex has a restaurant, bar and observation decks all offering amazing views of Queenstown, the ski areas of Coronet Peak and The Remarkables, Lake Wakatipu and surrounding peaks, gullies and rivers.

The Skyline Gondola operates from 9am until late evening, a return trip costs $25 per adult and $23 per child.

Located next to the Skyline complex are two 800 meter long luge tracks. One is advanced and the other beginner. Thrill seekers tackle the advanced track at breakneck speeds as it winds down the mountain through thick trees with sharp turns and unexpected dips. A walking track next to the luge tracks enables friends and family to watch.

A return gondola ride and 1 luge ride costs $33 per adult and $23 per child.

Walking tracks begin at the Skyline complex with some being relaxing strolls around the mountain and others 5 hour return walks to neighbouring peaks. Mountain bike trails have recently been cut running through the trees back down to Queenstown.

The Skyline Restaurant has a daily evening buffet serving New Zealand's finest foods and wines. Seating is arranged so all 330 diners have views of Queestown sparkling below. Seven seatings are available at the buffet costing $74 per person including a return gondola ride.

8. Queenstown WINERY TOURS

Wine Tastes in the centre of Queenstown boasts over 80 different wines from award winning wine regions of New Zealand. Visitors can sample wines or opt for a half or full glass of wine. Wine Tastes have over 700 wines available for purchase and will ship anywhere in the world. Cheese platters and chocolate truffles are available for purchase to complement the wines. Tasting prices start at $30 per person.

Wine Tastes book guided wine tours to the nearby Central Otago Region. Full day tours include a gourmet lunch and visits to 5 wineries. Prices start from $125 per person.

9. Queenstown BALLOONING

Sunrise Balloons have scheduled Queenstown dawn flights every day of the year with riders gliding on the morning breeze watching the sun rise across mountain peaks and the rivers below.

The flights cost $445 per adult and $295 per child and include a champagne breakfast after the flight and return transport. Book your flight as soon as you arrive at Queenstown as all flights are weather dependent. You might have to wait for a few days to get perfect weather conditions.

10. SEGWAY around Queentstown

Segway on Q offer guided two hour segway tours of Queenstown. Controlled by the rider's balance segways are a fun and environmentally friendly means of transport with a top speed of 20 kilometres an hour. The Segway on Q Queenstown tour starts with an easy lesson on how to ride a segway before heading off around Queenstown. The company also offers one hour bay ride tours. After the tours riders are invited to explore the Queenstown Gardens on their segways.

Segway on Q charges $109 per adult for the Queenstown Tour and $75 per adult for the Bay Ride, this includes a complementary shuttle pick up service to and from the centre of town.

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